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Sets options for sequencing names in a conduit, cable tray, or WBS item.

Grouping/Sequencing Object Type

Select the grouping or object type that you want to sequence. You can select Cableway, Conduit run, or WBS item. This option defines the collection of target objects to be sequenced, and defines the boundaries of the sequencing.


Resets the ribbon options.


Sets the object names in order using the options that you have set.

Target Object Type

Select what you want to re-sequence (rename) in the selected grouping.

Name Rule

Select the naming rule to use to rename the target objects.

Revision Control

Specify what to do with existing sequence number when you run the command again. Select Retain existing numbers to keep the sequence number on any objects that have one, but create a new sequence number for objects that do not have a sequence number. Select Generate new numbers to discard all sequence numbers for the selected object and generate new numbers for everything.

Start Sequence Id

Enter the sequence ID from which you want to begin the sequence. This option is available only when Generate new numbers is selected.