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Provides detailed, algebraic measurements for the length of a transition and the radius of a turn.

Transition Length

Defines the length of the transition.

Throat Radius

Displays the throat radius and bend radius of the turn transition. A default value displays when the command is re-selected.

Turn Type

Allows you to select turn types, like Bend, Miter, and Chamfer, in addition to any other turn types that the run specification allows. If you change specifications to one with parts, the software overrides the type of turn that you have set and replaces it with the default turn type.

Remember Working Plane

Allows you to choose whether the software remembers the last used working plane. False clears the last selected plane so that you must reset the plane each time that you begin routing. True remembers the last used working plane. The software then remembers your selection and locks each route onto the plane. The default option is False.

When Remember Working Plane is set to False, the default plane option for Route Cableway is No Plane. Each time that you click a routing command, the system clears the last selected Plane option. You must reset the plane option each time that you begin a route.

However, you can set the default behavior to remember the last used working plane by setting Remember Working Plane to True. The software then locks the route onto the plane that you are using and remembers your selection within that session only.

This option is available when you are routing duct, piping, cableways, and conduits. Setting this option to True when you are in any of these tasks results in an automatic True setting for all tasks. Likewise, setting this option to False when you are in any of these tasks results in an automatic False setting for all tasks.