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  1. Click Route Cableway .

  2. Select a starting point in the graphic view for the new cableways.

    The software displays the New Cableway Dialog Box.

  3. On the General tab, specify the settings for the cableway.

    Define settings for cableway

  4. Select the Multi-Route tab to specify the settings for multi-routing.

  5. Select Along Depth in the Mode box to create stacked cableways.

  6. In the Cableways Above Master Run box, enter the number of cableways that you want above the master cableway.

  7. In the Cableways Below Master Run box, enter the number of cableways that you want below the master cableway.

  8. In the Vertical Distance Between Trays box, enter the distance between the cableway runs.

  9. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  10. Click in a graphic view define the route of your cableway.

    As you click, the software places the master cableway, and the slave runs follow along.

    • You can use PinPoint , Point Along , and the SmartSketch3D relationship indicators when defining your cableways.

    • Using the Angle and Length constraints, you can lock these parameters while routing a cableway.

  11. Right-click to end routing of the cableways.