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12.1 (2019)

Edit > Copy by Family replicates structural objects on the Select Copy Family Dialog using three methods:

Copy Similar

Replicates major portions of the model with the ability to automatically update the replicas as changes are made. A copy similar family consists of groups of structure with similar grid planes. One group is copied to the other groups. A typical example is to define a transverse bulkhead, including profile stiffeners, seams, and openings, and copy the bulkhead to other transverse locations.

Copy Symmetry

Replicates portions of the model across a longitudinal centerline symmetry grid plane. A copy symmetry family consists of groups of structure on both the port and starboard sides of the symmetry plane. One group is reflected about the symmetry plane to the other group.

Copy Across Models

Replicates major portions of a model to another model.

Within the Create Target Group and Modify Target Group, you can Manually copy objects.

Copy by Family Batch Services

Smart 3D uses the SmartPlant Batch Services application to help you perform Copy by Family functions in the background. You can submit the batch jobs that are executed in a batch queue. For this, you must create, enable, and start batch queues before submitting the batch jobs.Batch Service

You can use the following guidelines listed to run the batch services:

  • SmartPlant Batch Services must be installed on the client workstation that submits a batch job and on the batch server workstation that processes the job. The necessary software queues must also be created. See Installing Intergraph Batch Services in Smart 3D Installation.

  • The batch jobs that are submitted using this functionality can only be monitored by the SmartPlant Batch Services application.

  • Use the Intergraph Batch Manager tool provided by the Intergraph Batch Services to discontinue any batch job. The Batch Timeout property specified on the Property page is no longer valid.

  • The mapped account that performs the batch job does not need to be an administrator on the batch server.

  • The batch processes run as a Windows service using a configured login. You do not need to be logged on to the batch server.

  • In the Intergraph Batch Server Properties (Local Computer) > Log On, make sure Allow service to interact with desktop is selected.

  • For 64-bit batch servers, the %windir%/SysWOW64/config/systemprofile/desktop folder must be manually created and every mapped account must have Write access on that folder. For most machines, the %windir% folder is be located in the C:/Windows. However this may vary depending on your Windows installation.

  • For batch jobs, Microsoft Excel must have the same security settings that are necessary for interactive updates. Configure Microsoft Excel for every SmartPlant Batch Services mapped account on the batch server, so that it can be accessed by the batch processes. For more information, see Reports.

  • Microsoft Excel must be opened on the batch server at least once by each SmartPlant Batch Services mapped user. Also, Trust Settings for Microsoft Excel must be included.

Select Copy Family Dialog

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