Place a curve on a surface by two points and projection - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)
  1. Create the points needed to define the curve. These can be points created with Insert > Control Point Command, Insert > Topological Points Command (Insert Menu), or other geometric construction point interfaces, see Points (Geometric Construction Palette Dialog).

  2. Click CurveBy2PointsOnSurface on the Geometric Construction Palette.

  3. Select the first point for the curve.

  4. Select the second point for the curve.

  5. Select the surface. By default, this is the surface of the plate selected for the main command.

  6. Select a coordinate system to use for projection of the curve.

  7. Select a projection method. If Angle is selected, also select the needed values for Rotation Axis and Reference Axis.

  8. Optionally, type values for extensions at the start and end of the curve.

    A preview of the curve displays.

  9. Click Continue.

    Temporary geometry displays in the graphic view and as CurveBy2PointsOnSurface in the Geometric Construction Explorer.

  10. If needed, create additional geometric constructions.

  11. Click Close to return to the main command ribbon.

  • If you stop the command before clicking Finish, the software does not save the geometric constructions to the model. When you restart the command, the following message displays, giving you the option to recover the geometric constructions:

    "The previous execution of the command was not completed. Do you want to recover the 3D construction?"

    The message displays only during creation of an object and is unavailable when editing an object.

  • The geometric constructions are not saved to the model until you click Finish on the main command ribbon to create the model object.