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12.1 (2019)

Places a can in the model. A can is a reinforcing connection piece on a member to increase the surface area available for connections or to provide increased wall thickness or both. You can place cans anywhere along a linear member (the support leg) including the end of the member. There are three can types:

  • Inline can - This can is placed anywhere along the length of a support leg. The support leg is split into two parts and the can is placed between those parts.

  • End can - This can is placed at the end of the support leg. As a general rule, the end of the support leg does not frame into another member.

  • Stub-end can - This can is also placed at the end of the support leg, which generally does frame into another member.

The software calculates the can length based on any transverse members that you select and the L2 and L3 parameters that you define.

Can Limitations

  • SmartSketch precision placement commands such as Point Along and PinPoint are not available when placing an in-line can. The in-line can's location is determined by where you select the supporting member or by the location of any transverse members assigned to the can.

  • Stub-in and end cans locations are determined by the frame or split connection that you select during placement.

  • The linear member that you select to be the supporting leg must be a designed member with a BUTube cross-section. You cannot select curved members for the supporting leg or for the transverse members.

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