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Intergraph Smart 3D Molded Forms

Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

Specifies an advanced opening. The software creates an advanced opening by using a geometric construction macro. The Opening Palette dialog displays when you click Define by catalog selection on the Openings Ribbon. Each tab of the palette graphically displays options available for a type of opening macro in the Catalog database. After you select a macro, the appropriate options display on the Advanced Openings ribbon.


Limits the available macros on a tab to the selected type.

Clear Recent

Removes recently selected macros from the Recent tab.

Custom Shape Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
Support and Offset Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
0S Circle Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
2S Circle Openings (Opening Palette Dialog)
3S Circle Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
4S Circle Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
0S Oval Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
2S Oval Openings (Opening Palette Dialog)
3S Oval Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
4S Oval Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
0S Rectangle Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
2S Rectangle Openings (Opening Palette Dialog)
3S Rectangle Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
4S Rectangle Tab (Opening Palette Dialog)
2S Asymmetrical Oval Openings (Opening Palette Dialog)
2S Triangle Openings (Opening Palette Dialog)
2S MMEars Opening (Opening Palette Dialog)

The Recent tab displays macros recently selected on the other tabs. Click Clear Recent to remove interfaces from this tab.

The Geometric Construction Explorer Dialog also displays. As openings are created, a list of opening macros and output opening geometry display.