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12.1 (2019)

The Tools > Add Range to Branch Table command adds a new node under the Branch Table, Reinforcing Weld Data, and Reinforcing Pad Data nodes in the Catalog tree view. These tables consist of multiple angle ranges. Additionally, the Branch tables contain priorities for application (primary, secondary, and so on) whereas reinforcing weld data and pad data do not.

Part of the workflow for creating a piping specification includes defining short codes in the branch table. The Catalog task provides a graphical user interface for viewing and modifying branch table data. The user interface looks like the human spec format, as shown in the following illustration.

To view branch table data, select the appropriate node in the Catalog tree view (Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary):

  • Many specification writers only define a primary branch table for a given angle.

  • The Catalog database that you create with the Database Wizard does not include the ranges defined for the Branch Table. To view the data in the special human spec format, you must use the Tools > Add Range to Branch Table command to create the ranges.

When you select the Branch Table node, the grid view displays all the defined short codes (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary) in the same view. When you select the Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary node, the branch table view appears.

The abbreviations and angles that appear in this view correspond to the sizing data and short codes on the PipeBranch sheet in the Excel workbook.

Add Range Dialog Box