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12.1 (2019)

A select list is a set of predefined acceptable values for a particular attribute. For example, the Fluid Code select list defines all the acceptable fluid names that you can use; consequently, you can only select fluids that are defined in the Fluid Code select list.

  • Select lists are also called Codelists, Pick Lists, or Enumerated Lists. For example, in the Excel workbooks delivered with the software, a select list is referred to as a codelist.

  • The Select lists (Codelists) delivered with the software (AllCodeLists.xls) might be different than the codelists provided on the customer support web site. The most recent codelists available on the customer support web site should be used for the most current functionality.

Generally, each entry in a select list has a unique number to identify that value, a short description, and a long description. Short and long descriptions are limited to 255 characters. Depending on where the software is using the select list, you can select the short description to select the select list item.

The delivered select lists can be categorized into these types: system, simple, and hierarchical. System select lists contain values that users must not change. Simple select lists map numbers with descriptions. Hierarchical select lists contain groups of mappings. For example, Construction Type is a hierarchical select list. As shown in the following illustration, the top-level select list has four values: Undefined, New, Existing, and Future.

Depending on which value you select, different construction type options are available. For example, if you select Future, two construction type options are available: Future and Proposed.

You can use the Catalog task to modify select lists to reflect your own practices, terminology, and language. Additionally, you can define the display order for select list values. This order is stored in the Catalog database and determines how select list values are displayed in the 3D modeling environment.

Some limitations apply to the modification of a delivered select list. You cannot delete a select list after it is loaded into the Catalog database, and the name for each select list must be unique in the database.

You can edit the lowest level in a hierarchical select list, but you must not edit any higher levels in the select list. You can edit simple select lists (without a hierarchy) unless otherwise specified. Specific information is provided in Appendix: Select Lists (Codelists).

Although revisions that you make to a select list within the Catalog task are instantly added to the Catalog database, the current release of the software does not provide a means for exporting select list data out of the database and into the AllCodelists.xls workbook delivered with the software. Consequently, if you intend to use the Bulkload Utility in tangent with the select list editing capabilities in the Catalog task, we recommend that you implement a workflow that keeps the data in the Excel workbooks synchronized with the changes made in the Select Lists node in the Catalog task. For example, if you use the Catalog task to modify one of the short code descriptions in the NutOption select list, you must also update the NutOption worksheet in the AllCodelists.xls workbook.

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