Add a Range to the Branch Table - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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12.1 (2019)
  1. In the tree view, click Piping > Piping Specification > Piping Materials Classes.

  2. In the Piping Materials Classes branch, open a specification and click Piping Materials Class Rules > Branch Table.

    The grid view shows all the defined short codes.

  3. Click Tools > Add Range to Branch Table.

  4. In the Add Range dialog box, type the starting angle in the range in the From box.

  5. Type the ending angle in the range in the To box.

    When applying branch table data to the model, if the primary value fails, then secondary value is applied.

  6. Type the name to display in the tree view that identifies this branch table.

  7. Click OK. The changes are saved to the database and a new node is added to the tree.

  8. Select the branch table in the tree view to view the branch table in human spec format.

  • The specified short code is passed to the Piping Commodity Filter and is used to help select the commodity code.

  • When the Branch Table node is selected in the Catalog tree view, you can use the editable cells in the grid view to modify the branch table data. The software automatically saves the modifications you make when you change to another row, select another node in the tree view, or select another command.

  • The Pipe Branch sheet in the Piping Specification.xls workbook corresponds to the Branch Table node. For more information about the Piping workbooks delivered with the software, see Piping Reference Data.