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12.1 (2019)

The Catalog > New > Class command defines a new class of reference data. Using this command, you can create pipe component classes, profile classes, and new feature classes. The command knows what type of class to create by what is active in the tree when you select the command.

If you are creating a new part class, you need to define a new part symbol or select one of the delivered part symbols to use before using this command. For more information about creating part symbols, see the Smart 3D Reference Data Guide.

After you have created new part classes using this command, you must run the Catalog > Generate Views command to regenerate all of the database views across the catalog. You do not have to run the Generate Views command after each part class that you create, but you must run the Generate Views command when you are finished creating part classes for that day. If you are working in a global workshare environment, the Generate Views command must also be run on each satellite catalog database.

In previous versions, you could only create new classes by editing the Microsoft Excel workbooks and then bulkloading the change. You can still use the bulkload method described in Add Part Classes (Bulkload Method) if you want.

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