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This command combines the functionality of the Segment Data Comparison Report command and the Update Model command. The form allows you to limit the scope of the report, then update the piping model based on the selected limitations.

Refer to Segment Data Comparison Report for details on the Segment Data Comparison Report.

Project — Specifies that the entire active project will be processed.

Piping Design Areas — Allows specification of one or more design areas to be processed.

Piping Models — Allows specification of one or more models in a selected design area to be processed. Select the desired design area, then select the desired model(s). See Piping Models.

Define Search Criteria — Limits the scope of the report to include only selected piping and components.

  1. Select the Define Search Criteria command.

    The system activates the Search Criteria form, which prompts you to select the attribute to be restricted.

  2. Select Attribute to be restricted.

    After selecting attribute from the attribute display list, the system displays the selected attribute in a separate field and displays a list of operators.

  3. Select Operator to define the search criteria.

    The system displays the selected operator and prompts you to type an attribute value.

  4. Enter Attribute Value. For a sub-string search, type a string to appear anywhere within the attribute value (do not use wild cards). If the attribute is code-listed, the system displays a list of values from the Standard Note Library.

  5. Select the value and select Confirm. The system validates the input and displays the defined search criteria in the Search Criteria display field.

  6. Accept or Select And/Or Operator

    Select AND to specify an additional condition, or select OR to specify an alternative condition.

    — OR —

    Select Confirm to accept the defined search criteria and return to the parent form.

  • Do NOT Compare 'Transfer Disabled' Piping Segments / Compare 'Transferred Disabled' Piping Segments Compares or does not compare segments that have been transfer-disabled. The default setting for this toggle defined by the exclusion criteria value in the pid_to_piping file.

  • Compare Piping Segments With Node Numbers / Compare All Piping Segments Compares segments that are assigned P&ID node numbers in the piping model or to compare all piping segments. This toggle is disabled if the matching criteria (in the pid_to_piping file) is something other than P&ID node numbers.

  • Use Default Values (from P&ID Correlation Table) for Non-partial Attributes, if NPD differs / Do Not Use Default Non-partial Attributes Uses or does not use the default non-partial attribute values in the event that the NPD values differ. The default values for the non-partial segment attributes are defined in the pid_to_piping file.

  • Print / Delete Submits the generated report output file to the specified print queue and deletes the output file.

  • Print / Save Submits the generated report output file to the specified print queue and saves the output file.

  • Save Saves the output file without printing.

  • Submit Immediately / Delayed Submit Submits or delays submission of the job. When the toggle is set to Delayed Submit, the system displays fields which allow you to delay submission until a more convenient time.

  • Create Header Format Specifies a report format file to define the title page and heading for the segment data report.

  • Select Header Format Selects an existing header format for the segment data report.

    For either of the Print options, the system displays a list of queues based on information in the project's Queue Description Library.

    Refer to Printer/Plotter Setup in the Project Administrator Reference Guide, for more information on the Queue Description Library and setting up print queues.