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Plant Design System (PDS) Piping Design Graphics (PD_Design)


This command checks a pipeline or user-defined active groups for interferences immediately after completing the line. It automatically creates interference envelopes in memory for any piping in the selected pipeline or active group. It checks any attached reference models for which interference envelope files have been created previously. It also reports any reference models for which interference envelopes have not been created previously.

The results of this interactive clash checking are not maintained as a part of the Interference Management data. However, you can use the Piping Clash Review option to review the clashes detected by this command.

Construction tolerances and angular tolerances (tolerance for recognizing horizontal beams for determining when piping is legitimately resting on steel) are considered during the interference checking process.

The sparse version of the structural model is used when creating interference envelopes. Model management data must be loaded for the sparse structural models through the Project Environment Manager. In order to review clashes between piping and structural models, attach propagated structural models instead of sparse structural models.

This command does not affect the interference envelopes created by the Interference Manager's Envelope Builder.

Select View – Identifies the screen view to display the active clash.

Restore View – Restores the active view(s) to the initial viewing parameters for the clash being checked.

Previous/Next Marker Number – Reviews the next/previous marker. The system updates the window coordinates about the clash in the selected view.

If prompted to...

Do this...

Identify Pipeline or Define Active Group

Snap to a segment or locate a component to identify the pipeline to be processed or use the Define Active Group command to identify define the items to be processed.

Accept to Check Pipeline

Select Confirm (Ö) to process the identified pipeline or select Cancel (X) to reject the pipeline.

Identify Pipeline of Select Review Option

Identify another pipeline as outlined or select the Piping Clash Review option to review the detected clashes.

Select Review Option

Select one of the options to review the clash.