Area Volume Graphics - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Piping Design Graphics (PD_Design)

3D Design and Visualization

The Area Volume Graphics command displays the interference checking and design areas in the model so that you can see their location.

For the Drawing Graphics environment, you can control the symbology of the volume graphics using the PDS Drawing Annotation Category Data option in the Project Data Manager in Project Administrator. Please refer to the Project Administrator Reference Guide for information on changing the volume graphic symbology.

Before you can see the volumes in the Equipment, Raceway, PE_HVAC, and FrameWorks Plus environments, you must turn on the Constructions view attribute. You can activate the View Attributes dialog box by pressing CTRL+B.

In addition, the following system environment variables must be defined to control the symbology and level of the volumes in the Piping, Equipment, Raceway, PE_HVAC, and FrameWorks Plus environments:


Please refer to the Project Setup Technical Reference for more information on setting environment variables.

Place Diagonal Lines - Displays diagonal lines within the volume marker for easier identification in the model.

Add/Revise Graphics - Select the area to add to the model, or unselect an already attached area to remove it from the model.

Remove Graphics - Removes the selected area from the model.

Hilite Graphics - Highlights the area in the model.

Update Graphics - Updates areas that are already displayed in the model. Use this command if the boundaries of the area are changed.