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Plant Design System (PDS) Piping Design Graphics (PD_Design)

3D Design and Visualization

The following conventions describe how to respond to the various buttons, lists, and prompts that make up the environments. The display size of forms and dialog boxes in the non-MicroStation graphics environment are independent of the size of the workstation's display system. Most forms contain the same basic features: buttons, fields, text, and other gadgets. In general, anything you find on a form is called a gadget.

You move through the PD_Shell forms by selecting function buttons or other gadgets from the form. Select means to place the screen cursor (which appears as an arrow) on top of a screen gadget and press <D>.

For most of the forms with scrolling lists, you can double-click on a row to select and accept the data in that row. This performs the same action as selecting a row (which highlights) and then selecting the Accept button.

You use the select action to select functions, access other forms, activate data fields, toggle buttons, select from lists, scroll through data displayed on the screen, and so on.

The following summarizes other basic actions you use in the environments:

Enter - When keying in any data in a key-in field, press the <ENTER> or <Tab> key for the data to be entered into the system. You can also press <ENTER> or <Tab> to move through a set of key-in fields.

Delete - If you make a mistake while keying in text, press the <Delete> key to erase character(s) to the left of the cursor.