Data Verification and Diagnostics - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Piping Design Graphics (PD_Design)

3D Design and Visualization

The Data Verification and Diagnostics command provides access to a set of utilities used to verify the integrity of the model file. This form also displays the Piping Design Product Creation Date and software version.

Measure Distance — Measures perpendicular and absolute distance between two specified points.

Measure Angle — Measures user specified angles.

Highlight Piping on Segment — Highlights all of the piping linked to a specified segment.

Update Associativity to Segment — Updates the informational linkages which link a piping component to a piping segment.

Associate Segment with Nozzle — Establishes a linkage for a segment end which is graphically connected to an equipment nozzle.

Review Attribute Linkage — Displays all the linkages for a specified piping component or piping segment.

Repair Graphic Linkage to Database — Corrects graphics in the model that have a linkage to a row that does not exist in the appropriate table of the design database.

Find Segment or Component by Linkage — Locates a piping component or segment given its linkage.

Verify Data Integrity of Model — Checks for piping segment overlaps, gaps in piping components, and the existence of corresponding line routes for all Informational Linkages.

Verify Nozzle at Pipeline End — Checks for linkage between the segment endpoint and an equipment nozzle.

P&ID Data Comparison Options — Specifies the data comparison option for comparing piping segments in the model with segments in the P&ID.

Re-Associate Model with P&ID Database — Updates the P&ID node numbers in the piping model on the basis of the unique index (occurrence number) to the P&ID segment table in the P&ID database.

Compare Segment Data — Compares the segment data of two connected segments.

Review Coordinates (IGDS) — Allows you to review the IGDS coordinates of a piping component or segment.

Review Piping Job Specification — Displays data in the Piping Job Specification database, including the associated tables and the piping commodity data, for any Piping Material Class.

Review Component Placement — Displays component placement data for the last component placed in the model during the active design session.

Review RDB Management Data — Displays the RDB files being used by the active model.

Review COG and Weights — Displays the weights of a component and its corresponding center of gravity.

Verify Branch Reinforcement — Reports the calculated reinforcing pad width in situations where the reinforcement is inadequate.

Verify Wall Thickness Calculations — Displays the schedule/thickness values for a selected component.