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Plant Design System (PDS) Piping Design Graphics (PD_Design)

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This option specifies an optional gasket on a connect point basis. The command provides you with a scrolled list of gaskets that meet the criteria of the bolted end selected by the user. This list includes the following data for each available gasket option.

  • gasket commodity name

  • description of gasket option

  • maximum temperature

  • end preparation

  • pressure rating

  • material description for gasket

You also have the option to review all data included in the Piping Job Specification for a specific gasket option.

If you identify a bolted end (end A) at a spec break with this command, you can select the optional gasket from the piping materials class associated with end A based upon the data at end B. In other words, you are selecting the piping materials class to be used by selecting the proper end of the bolted joint.

Display Data for Gasket --- Displays the data defined in the Piping Job Specification for the identified gasket option.

  1. Identify Connect Point for Gasket Option by placing a data point to locate the component connect point to be revised.

  2. Accept or Select Gasket Option by selecting the gasket option to be applied at the connect point and select Confirm