Piping Design Graphics Environment - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Piping Design Graphics (PD_Design)

3D Design and Visualization

This section provides basic information about the graphics environment for Piping Design and describes the conventions which are common to all the graphic commands.

Piping Design Command Menu

The command menu provides access to the PDS Piping Design commands and controls the design session.

Command Types

The commands on the Piping Design Command menu are classified into three basic types:

Independent Commands

Independent commands are selected independently from other commands on the menu. Selecting an independent command interrupts the active command.


Dependent Commands

Dependent commands can be selected during the operation of an independent command to provide a specific type of data to the active independent command.

Example: CONSTRUCT POINT is a dependent command which provides input to an independent command such as POINT IN SPACE.

Immediate Commands

Immediate commands can be selected at any point without interrupting the active command. For commands with multiple inputs such as ZOOM IN you should right-click to terminate the command and return control to the active independent command.

Example: ZOOM IN