Photo-Realism Module - Intergraph Smart Review - Installation

Intergraph Smart Review Installation

Intergraph Smart Review
Installation & Upgrade

The Smart Review Photo-Realism module provides features for creating realistic, photo-quality images from a 3D model. A realistic image, rendered using textures, patterns, bump maps, background images, environment boxes, and raytraced lighting, helps you to visualize designs during each stage of the development process and to create powerful presentations that communicate and sell your ideas to clients and managers.

Key features:

  • Display Textures

  • Creates a more realistic display by assigning textures to materials and then applying them to objects.

Material Editor

Provides complete material editor functionality for creating new material definitions and palettes.


Supports global (ambient, flashbulb, and solar), spot, distance, and point lights.

Renderer window

Creates more realistic 3D effects by adding reflections and shadows to images.

High resolution

Captures the image at high resolution to produce near photo-quality plots of the model.


Creates an image file of the Main view, application window, or entire screen. Snapshot can be used to create a high quality anti-aliased image of any resolution. Snapshot includes support for standard output types like BMP and JPG.

Stereo Viewing

Adds dramatic depth perception to models.