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Intergraph Smart® Review is the complete Microsoft® Windows® visualization environment for interactively reviewing large, complex 3D models for in-depth analysis of process/power plants and marine structures. Providing a robust set of review-oriented tools for the clear and concise communication of spatial design well beyond low-end viewer capabilities, Smart Review provides tools for visual analysis and simulation (dynamic walk-through), commenting, and model queries, as well as an API for complete customization. Advanced features include construction simulation, stereo viewing, and sophisticated image generation using textures, reflection maps, and lighting. The familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Windows interface allows you to navigate through the three-dimensional models with a joystick, mouse, or keyboard control.

Smart Review displays and manipulates three-dimensional models and is specifically designed to meet the process and power industry's requirements to dynamically visualize computer-generated three dimensional plant models. With Smart Review walk-through and interrogation features, process plant models can now remain live throughout the life cycle of the facility from conceptual design studies to de-commissioning.