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SmartPlant Foundation Upgrade (2019)

Asset Information Management
SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)

To upgrade SmartPlant Foundation version 2016 (6.0) and later to Version 2019 (10.0), including its Updates, follow the procedures in this book. Typically, the upgrade process involves the steps listed in the Basic Upgrade Sequence below, each step of which is detailed in the sections that follow this one. Your upgrade may require a slightly different sequence, depending on what components of SmartPlant Foundation you have installed and if you have made customizations to the delivered product.

To upgrade to the latest Update available for Version 2019 (10.0), you must follow the full upgrade procedure as described here, even if the currently installed version is already Version 2019 (10.0) or includes one of its earlier Updates.

You can upgrade SmartPlant Foundation using the Server Manager command from the command line. Use SPFServerManager.exe with the /upgrade argument to upgrade SmartPlant Foundation. For more information, see Server Manager command line syntax and arguments. However you still must follow the procedures in this book for preparation and to perform upgrades procedures related to your configuration.

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