Upgrade SmartPlant Foundation Schema from 2016 to 2019 in database - SmartPlant Foundation - Upgrade

SmartPlant Foundation Upgrade (2019)

Asset Information Management
SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)

You can upgrade the SmartPlant Foundation Schema database using the Upgrade Wizard in the SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager application. When you upgrade, a control file (UpgradeControls.xml) is delivered at the SmartPlant Foundation installed location [installation directory]\Program Files (x86)\SmartPlant\Foundation\SPFServerManager\UpgradeControls.xml file. This control file defines the available upgrade paths based on the SmartPlant Foundation versions that are consistent with the data in the selected registry site.

  1. In SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager, select a SmartPlant Foundation site that was configured using the old SmartPlant Foundation schema.

  2. Right-click the site and click Tools > Upgrade Wizard.

  3. In the Upgrade Path window, expand the Upgrade SPF to 10.00.00 option and select Upgrade from 06.00.00 to 10.00.00 from the list of available upgrades and click Next.

    The Upgrade Wizard compiles a list of available upgrade paths based on the version of SmartPlant Foundation that is consistent with the data in the selected site.

  4. In the Upgrade Options window, select the Upgrade data in the database.

    To back up your database, click Backup database before upgrade and enter or browse to the location where you want the backup files to be saved.

  5. Click Next.

  6. In the Ready to Upgrade window, review the scripts that the Upgrade Wizard would run and click Next to begin the upgrade process.

    • If the Upgrade Wizard runs a procedural SQL script (PL/SQL for Oracle or T-SQL for SQL Server), the script's tracing output is saved to the server manager temp directory under the default root path in a separate log file. The name of the log file is dependent on the type of script: UpgradeWizardPLSQLOutput.log or UpgradeWizardTSQLOutput.log. The script results are also written to the main log file (UpgradeWizardlog.xml).

    • If critical errors cause the upgrade to stop, make changes to your upgrade selections by clicking Back.

    • Non-critical errors are logged, but the upgrade continues.

  7. In the Upgrade Complete window, click Finish to view the log file.