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Reference Data

Each organization using the Smart 3D software requires customized reference data such as catalog items and symbols to meet their exact needs. Customized rules control how and when this reference data is used in the design process.

Structural Manufacturing rules contain symbol files that define manufacturing part details for items that you place in your design. They also contain Visual Basic projects that control the manufacturing part creation. This data is organized by the catalog database and the catalog schema database.

You can customize the sample rule set delivered with the software, so that you can embed your organizations knowledge into the software. A customized rule set that meets your organizations specific needs results in:

  • Faster design cycles

  • Improved consistency

  • More accurate design data and output

Rules provide an intelligent default answer to design questions so that you do not have to modify every detail in the model. Selection rules reduce the skill level required of designers. Using a rule set that matches your organization's needs and practices results in reduced human error and re- work and improves the quality of your deliverable product.

Before working with Structural Manufacturing reference data, you must be familiar with how the software handles reference data in general. If you have not already done so, read and understand the following important concepts and procedures described in the Reference Data Marine and Material Handling Modes Guide and 2D Symbols User's Guide:

  • Reference data types

  • Using excel workbooks to configure reference data

  • Using the bulkload modes

  • Creating rules using Visual Basic

  • Creating 3D symbols using Visual Basic and the Part Definition Wizard

  • Creating 2D symbols using the 2D Symbols utility

This reference data guide describes the example Structural Manufacturing reference data delivered with the software. Visual Basic source code is delivered for the rules. Visual Basic source code and 2D symbol files are delivered for the symbols. Microsoft Excel workbooks are delivered for bulkloading items into the Catalog.

Structural Manufacturing Workbooks

Structural Manufacturing catalog data is defined in multiple workbooks, delivered to the [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\StructManufacturing folder.

Structural Manufacturing Rules

Structural Manufacturing rules are defined in Visual Basic source code, delivered to the [Product Folder]\StructManufacturing\ folder.

Structural Manufacturing Symbols

Structural Manufacturing 3D symbols are defined in Visual Basic source code.