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12 (2018)

You must make changes to the schema to get the software to generate the attribute with the XML as part of the output process when you generate XML for a part.

Create MyInterface.MyAttribute in the Production Category

To create an attribute in the XML, the site administrator must bulkload a custom interface in the production category to the MfgPlat or MfgProfile. After this is done, the new attribute displays in the MfgOutput XML.

Within the XML, the AttributeName is the name of the attribute. These attributes become visible on the Property page and are automatically added to the XML after the bulkload is done. You can use these attributes to drive annotation objects as well.

There are two significant sheets in the XML file.

  • CustomInterfaces - Defines the interface and attributes

  • CustomClassInterfaceList - Adds the defined interfaces to the Mfg Object classes.

Add MyAttribute to the custom interfaces on the spreadsheet.

Bulkload Example

To perform the bulkload, open the Bulkload utility and then do an Append-mode bulkload of the spreadsheet into the catalog to modify. By default, the Bulkload utility is located in the following location:

[Product Folder]\CatalogData\Bulkload\Bin\Bulkload.exe