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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Smart Instrumentation main menu, click Tools > Symbol Editor.

    • On the Windows Taskbar, click Start > Programs > Intergraph Smart Instrumentation > Symbol Editor.

    • In any file browser, double-click the .sym file you want to open.  (For this option to work, the file type must be registered to open with the Symbol Editor.)

       If you use the last two methods of opening a file, you will not be able to perform certain actions that require connectivity to the Smart Instrumentation database, for example changing the item type.  For this reason, it is generally recommended that when customizing a symbol, you open the Symbol Editor from within Smart Instrumentation.

  2. Customize the symbol as you require.  You can make any of the following changes:

    • Edit graphical elements.

    • Change the item type.

    • Add, modify, or delete SmartText.

    • Add, modify, or delete macros.

    • Add, modify, or delete connection points (for terminals).

    • Add, modify, or delete starting points (for panels with racks).

  3. Click File > Save.

 If you change a symbol's item type, the software automatically deletes from the symbol all macros belonging to the original item type.

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