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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Enhanced Report Utility Help

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
  1. If needed, using the Symbol Editor, create and associate new panel and rack symbols appropriate for this report.  For details, see Create Symbols for a Panel Layout in the Symbol Editor User's Guide.

  2. In Smart Instrumentation, click to display the Domain Explorer.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Expand the Panels by Location folder and select one of the panels under a location.

    • Expand the Panels by Category folder and under the required panel category, select a panel.

  4. Right-click the panel, and on the shortcut menu, click Reports > Layout.

  5. At the print preview prompt, click Yes.

    • The print preview prompt appears according to the settings in the Preferences dialog box, on the General page.

    • The software automatically displays each rack belonging to the panel in a position specified by the value of the rack's Sequence property.

  6. If you have moved any symbols that were already on the drawing, click File > Save Custom Changes.

  • You can apply this procedure in a similar way to create a Rack Layout report showing racks with associated cards.

  • Do not drag items from the Domain Explorer or Reference Explorer of Smart Instrumentation to an Enhanced Report Utility drawing.

  • The Enhanced Report Utility does not support the duplication of items in the Reference Explorer or Domain Explorer, or the dragging of items from the Reference Explorer to the Domain Explorer.

  • The Domain Explorer or Reference Explorer referenced in the Enhanced Report Utility documentation refers only to the Enhanced Report Utility explorers (unless otherwise stated in the documentation).