Tubesheet Gasket - PV Elite - Help

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PV Elite

Enter the kind of gasketing associated with this tubesheet.

  • Select None if the tubesheet is not sealed with a gasket on either side.

  • Select Shell if the gasket is only on the shell side of the exchanger.

  • Select Channel if the gasket is only on the channel side of the exchanger.

  • Select Both if the gaskets are on both sides of the exchanger.

The program will then evaluate the gasket you specify along with the pressure which causes the largest bending moment on the tubesheet. If the tubesheet has a circular gasket, even if the gasket is not extended as a flange, you must enter the details of the gasket, so that the program can correctly evaluate the mean diameter of the gasket load reaction (G).

Click to open the Tubesheet Gasket/Bolting Input Dialog Box and define the necessary properties.