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You can use the mouse to navigate the hierarchy. To expand a node so that you can view its contents, including other subsystems, click the button. To collapse a node so that its contents are hidden, click the button. You can also expand or close nodes by double-clicking the node name.

  • System Content tab- Select a node in the tree view (left window pane). In the content view (right window pane), click the System Content tab. A list of child systems for that level displays.

  • Allowed Specifications tab - Select a node in the tree view. In the content view, click the Allowed Specifications tab. A list of specifications that can be used for that level displays.

You can use the Edit > Select Nested command to select all of the children system of the selected parent system. The Select Nested command is also on the right-click shortcut menu.

When selecting nodes in the system hierarchy, the software displays only the immediate children of the selected system, so objects located further down the hierarchy will not appear in the list view until their direct parent system is selected.

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