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11 (2016)

PinPoint is a tool that helps you draw and modify elements relative to known positions in a drawing. You can place a target point and then the software dynamically displays the horizontal and vertical distance between the pointer and the target point. You can use PinPoint with all element drawing commands. You can run PinPoint from the Tools menu or the Main toolbar.

How PinPoint Works

PinPoint allows you to provide coordinate input to commands as you draw. The x and y coordinates are relative to a target point that you can position anywhere in the window. You can change the location of the target point at any time by clicking Reposition Target on the ribbon and then clicking a new position in the window.

As you move the pointer around, PinPoint dynamically displays the horizontal and vertical distance between the pointer position and the target point. Help lines show the PinPoint X- and Y-axis and the PinPoint orientation.

Locking and Freeing Values

You can lock the x coordinate or the y coordinate using the X and Y boxes on the ribbon. When one coordinate value is locked, you can position the other coordinate by clicking a position in the window. Or you can set both values using the ribbon boxes. If you want to free the dynamics for a locked value, you can clear the value box by double-clicking in the box and pressing Backspace or Delete.

PinPoint Orientation

In its default orientation, PinPoint's x-axis is horizontal. You can re-orient the x-axis to any angle by setting the angle on the PinPoint ribbon. The figure shows the PinPoint angle set to 20 degrees.

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