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11 (2016)
  1. Click Measure Area on the Label or Dimension toolbar. The toolbar title depends on the application you are using.

  2. Click inside a closed boundary to measure its area.

    The area and perimeter measurements for the closed boundary appear next to the pointer. The measured area appears as a gray fill.

    As you click points, press SHIFT to display the total area and perimeter by the pointer.

  • If you are measuring multiple areas and want to clear a measurement, click inside one of the filled, closed boundaries that you have measured while pressing the SHIFT key.

  • When you are drawing elements or modifying a drawing, you can measure an area with Measure Area at any time.

  • You can press TAB to toggle between the area and total area. You can also press CTRL + C to copy the value to the Clipboard. You can then press CTRL + V to paste the value to a text box or ribbon field.

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