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11 (2016)

As you draw and modify elements, small quadrants called intent zones appear next to the pointer. The software uses intent zones to interpret your intentions as you draw. Intent zones allow you to draw and modify elements many ways using few commands. You do not need to select a different command for every type of element.

How Intent Zones Work

When you click to begin drawing certain elements, the software divides the region around the clicked position into intent zones. By moving the pointer into one of these intent zones on the way to your next click location, you can tell the software what you want to do next.

The last intent zone you move the pointer into is the active zone. To change the active intent zone, move the mouse pointer into the zone you want to use, and then move it to the position where you want to click next. You can change the size of the intent zones using SmartSketch Settings on the Tools menu.

Drawing Tangent or Perpendicular Arcs

You can use intent zones to change the result of Tangent Arc. To draw an arc tangent to a line, first click a point on the line to place the first end point of the arc. Then move the pointer through the tangent intent zone and click to place the second end point of the arc.

If you want to draw a perpendicular arc instead, you can move the pointer back into the intent zone region and out through the perpendicular zone before clicking to place the second end point of the arc. The arc is then perpendicular to the line.

You can also use intent zones to define the arc direction.

Drawing Arcs by Three Points

When you use Arc by 3 Points, intent zones allow you to input the three points in any order. You can also use intent zones to change the arc direction.

Drawing Lines Tangent or Connected to Curved Elements

Using intent zones with Line/Arc Continuous or Line, you can draw a line tangent to a circle or arc. Or you can draw a line that is connected to the circle or arc, but not tangent to it.

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