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11 (2016)

Hole traces are closed-shapes that are associated with the intersection of one or more outfitting parts such as pipe, HVAC duct, cable tray, or equipment with structural parts. Hole traces are applied to structural parts in the Hole Management task. They are applied first as trace geometry for holes under review in the Hole Management task, and then cut detailed structure after holes have been approved.

Hole trace symbols are very basic. No graphic inputs are required in the symbol file. The (0,0) origin point of the 2D Symbols file is used as the default placement point for the symbol. The symbol geometry should be defined about the 2D Symbols file origin point and constrained using horizontal and vertical constraints in such a manner as to get predictable placement results. Hole trace symbol shapes must be a closed contour.

Within the software, hole traces and hole cuts are placed as part of the overall process in the Hole Management task.