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  1. Sketch a base plane curve on the Inputs layer using the Curve command.

  2. Lock the base plane curve using Lock on the Relationship toolbar.

  3. Click Associative Offset on the Change toolbar.

    If Associative Offset does not display on the toolbar, you can right-click the toolbar and click Toolbars > Customize > Manipulation and then drag the Associative Offset command to the toolbar.

  4. Select the base plane curve.

  5. Drag the offset curve below the base plane curve.

  6. Sketch the sides and top of the slot on the Default layer. For more information, see Sketch and Constrain Slot Geometry.

  7. Extend the sides of the slot to the offset curve using the Extend to Next command.

  8. Click Trim > Custom Curve Trim on the Draw toolbar to trim the offset curve to the sides of the slot.

    Do not use Trim to trim the offset curve.

  9. Click the constraint symbol on the offset curve. The Associative Curve toolbar appears.

  10. On the Associative offset toolbar, type a small value to offset the curve slightly below the base plane curve.