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Reference Data
11 (2016)
  1. Click Tools > Add-Ins.

  2. Select the XSection option, and click OK. The Cross Section Symbols toolbar appears.

  3. On the Cross Section Symbols toolbar, click Name Geometry .

    The Name Edges of Profile Contour dialog box displays.

  4. In the Attribute name box, select EdgeName.

  5. In the Geometry Type column, select a geometry type in the table. The software highlights the corresponding graphical line in the symbol.

  6. In the Edge name box, select the appropriate edge name. For example, the left edge of the web is chosen to correspond with the name Web_Left.

  7. Click Apply.

  8. Repeat until all edges of the profile in both the simple physical and detailed physical layers are named.

    It is easier to select the edges for each layer by having only one layer at a time displayed. Click Layer Status , and select Active layer only. You can then display each layer individually.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Click File > Save.

All edges must be named according to the naming conventions described in Edge Names.