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11 (2016)

You can place dimensions in dimension groups with several commands. This makes the dimensions easier to manipulate on the drawing sheet. All members of a stacked or chained dimension group share the same dimension axis.

  • Stacked dimension group

  • Chained dimension group

A coordinate dimension group is another type of dimension group. Coordinate dimensions measure the position of key points or elements from a common origin. All the dimensions within the group measure from a common origin. You should use coordinate dimensions when you want to dimension elements in relation to a common origin or zero point.

When you are placing dimension groups with Distance Between or Angle Between, the pointer position determines what type of dimension group will be placed. After you place the first dimension in a group and click the second element you want to measure, if the pointer is below the first dimension, then the dimension group will be a chained group.

If the pointer is above the first dimension, then the dimension group will be a stacked group.

You can place dimension groups with the following buttons on the Label or Dimension toolbar, depending on your application:

  •  Distance Between

  •  Angle Between

  •  Symmetric Diameter

  •  Coordinate Dimension

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