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You can use PinPoint to draw a line starting at a specific x and y distance from a known position in your drawing.

  1. On the Main toolbar, click PinPoint .

  2. Click where you want the target point to be.

  3. Change the step value in the PinPoint Ribbon if it is not already set to a value that is appropriate for the operation.

  4. On the Draw toolbar, click Line/Arc Continuous or Line.

  5. Move the pointer around on the drawing sheet. PinPoint displays at the pointer its current x and y positions in relation to the target point.

  6. Click when the pointer is positioned where you want the line to begin.

  7. Click where you want the second point of the line to be, or type the length and/or angle on the Line/Arc Continuous ribbon and then click to draw the line.

  8. If you are finished with the PinPoint command, click PinPoint on the Main toolbar to dismiss the command.

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