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11 (2016)

Along with parameters (dimensions or variables) that can be changed to make the shape of the symbol change, you can define graphical elements (called graphical inputs) that when changed cause the symbol to change. You can test how the symbol changes when these graphical inputs change their geometry using this tab.

To change a graphical input, draw an equivalent object the size of and in the new position that you want the graphical input to change to. For example, you have a graphical input that is a line from (0,0) to (0,10), and you want to test what happens when the line is rotated 90 degrees and its length halved.

  1. Sketch a new line from (0,0) to (5,0).

  2. Select Symbols > Output Test, and then select the Replace Geometry tab.

  3. Select your original graphical input line (0,0) to (0,10).

  4. Select the line with the geometry to swap to (0,0) to (5,0).

  5. Click Apply.

If you accidentally select a wrong object, click Remove to remove the incorrectly selected object from the table.

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