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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Enhanced Report Utility Help

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

Controls color settings for the active document.

Sheet - Sets the default color of all drawing sheets in the active document.

Sheet color is stored in the file. However, when you specify a sheet color on the Colors tab, it will override the sheet color stored in previously saved files. To allow the display of a saved sheet color, access the Colors tab and select Default before re-opening the drawing file.

Highlight - Sets the highlight color.

Selected Element - Sets the color of selected elements.

Disabled Elements - Sets the color of disabled elements. This setting can also define the color of relationship indicators and their corresponding glyphs if Maintain Relationships is disabled. Select Tools > SmartSketch Settings to see the relationship indicators and their corresponding glyphs or images.

Handles - Sets the color of handles when an element is selected. Also, if Maintain Relationships is enabled, the Handles option sets the color for the relationship indicators that display during element placement.

Owner group - Sets the display color of the group containing the selected element during dimension placement.

The color is used during dimension placement. For example, you could have elements that belong to different groups on top of each other. When you place dimensions, it could be difficult to determine which group a selected element is from. To clarify this situation, the dimension commands highlight the selected element and display the owning group in the Owner group color. For more information on placing dimensions, see Dimensioning Drawing Elements.

If you set the sheet color the same as another control setting, the control color setting and the cursor color is automatically changed to a complementary color. For example, if you have both the Selected Element color and the Sheet color set to Yellow, the sheet background displays yellow and the selected elements display in a complementary blue color.