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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Enhanced Report Utility Help

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

  • Before creating these symbols, make sure that you have first specified a path for the Symbol Editor where your symbols will be located by default.  For details, see Specify a Path for the Symbol Editor.

  • You must start Symbol Editor from within Smart Instrumentation in order to establish a connection to the database.

  1. Start the Symbol Editor from the Smart Instrumentation program.

  2. Open a new drawing sheet and draw an outline for a panel with appropriate rack columns.

  3. Select all the components of the panel that you have drawn.

  4. Click Symbols to display the symbol ribbon bar.

  5. On the symbol ribbon bar, click Create Symbol .  The mouse pointer changes to a cross-hair icon.

  6. Click a suitable point on the drawing sheet to define the origin of the symbol.

    You must specify accurately the position of the symbol's origin so that the symbol is placed correctly relative to the page origin; usually, this is the lower left corner of the drawing sheet.

    The Save As dialog box automatically appears at this point.  You do not need to use Save As on the File menu to open this dialog box.

  7. On the Save As dialog box, select the folder where you want to save the symbol.

  8. Type the name that you want for the symbol.

  9. Draw a rack using the panel outline as a guide and save the rack drawing as a separate symbol.

    • You must specify the position of the symbol's origin at the starting point where each rack is to be added to the panel, for example, the top left corner.

    • Make a note of the dimensions of the rack so that you can use it to specify the correct Symbol displacement value when specifying the start points on the panel.

  10. Return to the panel symbol and click Actions > Assign Item Type.

  11. In the Assign Item Type dialog box, from the Item type list, select Panel.

  12. Add macros as needed.

  13. On the Actions toolbar, click Place Starting Points .

  14. On the Starting Points ribbon bar, from the Placement order list, select one of the following options:

    • Left to Right

    • Right to Left

    • Top to Bottom

    • Bottom to Top

  15. Enter values for the Symbol displacement and Symbols per row / column properties.

    As an example, suppose that you want to add the racks in stacks of up to 8 racks in vertical columns, starting from the top of the panel.  In this case, you select from Placement order the option Top to Bottom, then for Symbols per row / column, type 8.  For the Symbol displacement property, type a value of 1.00 to specify a height allowance of 1 inch for each rack.

  16. Click the mouse pointer at each point where you want to add a starting point.  Note that the Row / Column number value increments by one each time you add a new start point.

  17. Save the panel symbol.

  18. Open the rack symbol and assign to it item type Rack.

  19. Add macros as needed.

  20. Save the rack symbol.

  21. In Smart Instrumentation, associate the panel symbol with a panel that has one or more racks, selecting Panel Layout report as the name of the report type.  For details, see Associate a Symbol with an Item in the Enhanced Report Utility User's Guide.

  22. Associate each rack in the selected panel with the rack symbol that you created, selecting Panel Layout report as the name of the report type.

The order in which the software places the racks is determined by the rack Sequence property.