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2018 (12.0)

The Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation Enhanced Report Utility allows you to generate graphical reports for items such as loops, cables, and terminal strips.  Enhanced reports make use of a generic engine that draws various wiring objects based on database query retrieval.  For example, in the case of a Panel-Strip report, the report engine gathers the appropriate terminals, groups them according to their terminal strips, sorts them in order according to the information in the database and displays the appropriate connections.

Each enhanced report provides information on the database at a certain moment, such as connected or disconnected wires in a loop.

The Enhanced Report Utility is compatible with other commercial software packages.  For example, you can save enhanced reports in formats that are compatible with SmartSketch, AutoCAD, or MicroStation.  For more information, about version compatibility, see the Smart Instrumentation Readme file, and click the Version Compatibility link.

To simplify your work, you can define a layout and assign it to a group of similar reports instead of having to manipulate each report individually.

You can also define custom symbols for certain reports and associate these symbols with specific Smart Instrumentation items.  Afterwards, you can place these symbols in the required location on a drawing sheet.  On subsequent generation of the report for the item, the graphical elements always appear in the positions where you initially placed them.  For details of how to create custom symbols, see the Symbol Editor Online Help.

For details of how to associate a symbol with an item in an enhanced report, see Associate a Symbol with an Item.

Modifying Enhanced Reports

After the Enhanced Report Utility generates a report, you can modify the report in a number of ways:

  • Move terminal strips and connectors and then save the position.  The next time you generate the report, the graphical elements appear in their new positions.

  • Add macros, SmartText, and redlining to the report to provide additional information.

  • For some reports, you can invoke devices and wiring elements, view specification sheets, and perform other activities concerning loops, devices, and wiring.

The software saves these items in different ways according to the item type, as summarized in the following table.


Saved at Level

Generated items such as terminal strips and connectors that you have moved

Layout or report (drawing)

Customized templates


Customized title blocks


Connector representations (orthogonal or diagonal)


Some of the display options



Individual report (drawing)

Macros and macro labels


Redlining items (straight lines, circles, and rectangles)

Layout or report (drawing)

Drawing symbols

Layout or report (drawing)

  • You associate items with the layout that you define using the Enhanced Report Layouts dialog box.

  • You can save bitmaps and redlining items other than straight lines, circles, and rectangles if you make them part of a symbol.

  • Modifications such as saving to the database, redlining, macros, and SmartText are not available for multi-strip reports.

  • For details of layout settings and so forth, refer to Smart Instrumentation Online Help.

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