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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Enhanced Report Utility Help

Engineering and Schematics
Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

This procedure explains how to create a file with a title block that can be superimposed over a file with a background sheet.  The title block file is created to fit the target background sheet size.

  1. In the SmartPlant\Instrumentation\bin\Template\Types folder, in the required report type folder, open the Normal.sma file.

  2. In the Enhanced Report Utility, select File >Sheet Setup.

  3. On the Size and Scale tab, select the Standard radio button and from the list, select the required sheet size.

  4. Click  to open the Symbol browser, and navigate to the required title block symbol.

  5. Drag the required title block symbol onto the drawing sheet.

  6. Click  and select the title block, resize and position the title block on the drawing sheet.

  7. Click , the cursor changes to  (Origin Point).

  8. Place the cursor on the lower left corner of the title block and click.

  9. On the Save As dialog box, type the required title block name, and click Save.

 Make sure that the title block name distinguishes the title block from other title blocks in the selected folder, for example, A4wide, A4tall.