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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
Release Bulletin
10 (2019)


  • To improve performance, when loading plants in the Intergraph Smart® Engineering Manager tree view, plant information is not made available until the user clicks the plant structure. Therefore, if a certain plant requires an upgrade, the 'Upgrade Required' symbol does not appear immediately with the plant icon but only after the user clicks the plant or any node below it. If the plant includes projects, the symbol also appears with the project icons once the plant or a project is selected.

  • When working on a SQL Server platform, you can create a database user with limited privileges that allow this user to perform procedures such as creating sites and plants, associating applications, and backing up and restoring sites and plants. Users with these privileges enter their own user name and password, thus avoiding the need for the database user to know the Sys Admin password.

  • This version of Smart Engineering Manager includes data modeling changes that support the next release of Smart P&ID.

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