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You can use scale handles on a symbol to resize it. Four black scale handles are displayed on the corners of the range box of a symbol. You can drag any of the four handles up or down.

You can also change the size of the symbol by clicking Scale on the Change toolbar.

You can modify different parts of some symbols with parametric handles. Standard parameter handles represent up to four driving dimensions that have been applied to the graphics in a symbol. The four standard positions where parameter handles can appear are top center, bottom center, left center, and right center of a symbol's range box. Dragging a parameter handle changes the value of the dimension by the length readout precision set on the Units tab of the Properties dialog box when the symbol is created.

You can also scale a parametric symbol by selecting the symbol and then editing the values in the Attribute Viewer. The Attribute Viewer automatically appears when you select the symbol. For example, if you select the Para Tower symbol, you can change the Top attribute from 7.29 to 9.00 so that the height of the symbol increases. The Attribute Viewer is not available in all software installations.

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