Split a Connector - SmartSketch - Help

SmartSketch Help

  1. Click a connector.

  2. Click Split Connector on the Connector ribbon.

  3. Click the point at which to split the connector.

  • When you click within the range of a symbol on the connector, the software trims the two resulting connectors to the symbol's range. If the symbol has connect points, the software attaches the resulting connectors to the symbol at the connect points. This command displays the connect points located on a symbol.

  • Split connector should not be used to trim a single connector to the edge of a symbol. In this instance, the connector should be modified directly with its end handles.

  • The Clearance value on the Connector ribbon will determine the shortest length of a connector. Thus, if one end of a split connector is shorter than the clearance value, that segment length will be increased to match the value.

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