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Allows you to customize existing toolbars by adding or removing commands and macros. You can also create your own toolbars.


Sets the category from which you want to select a command or macro to add to the toolbar. When you select the category, a list of toolbar buttons specific to the selected category is displayed in the Buttons box. When you select Custom Commands in the Categories box, the Buttons box becomes the Custom Commands box and displays a list of available macros. Also, a Browse button displays that you can use to open the Select Macro Directory dialog box.

Buttons/Custom Commands

Specifies which button or macro from the active category you want to add to a toolbar. If you select a macro, you can also click Browse and change the active folder. When you change the active folder, the macro list in the Commands/Custom Commands box displays a list of macros in the specified location.


Describes the selected button displayed in the Buttons/Custom Commands box. Descriptions are not available for macros.


Opens the Select Macro Directory dialog box where you can navigate to the folder containing the macro to add to a toolbar. Browse appears only when you click Custom Commands in the Categories box.