Display or Hide Layers - SmartSketch - Help

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  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Main toolbar, click Layers .

    • Click Tools > Layers.

  2. On the Layers ribbon, click the Layer Status icon. The Layer Display dialog box displays all layers available for the current drawing sheet. The layers that appear in gray text are hidden or turned off. The layer that appears in red text is the active layer.

  3. Click a layer name to display or hide the layer on the drawing sheet.

  4. Click Apply.

If you want to display or hide layers for drawing sheets other than the current sheet, you can use Display Manager on the Tools menu. On the Display Manager dialog box, Sheets tab, click the sheet you want. Then, on the Layers tab, in the Layers column, click the layers you want to display or hide. These settings override the settings on the Layer Display dialog box.

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