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Using Rotate on the Change toolbar, you can rotate one or more elements a precise angle about a specified point.

You can first select the element and then click Rotate, or you can click the button and then the element.

As you click to define the reference points for the rotation, the software dynamically displays a reference axis for the rotation. If you want to define a precise location for the rotation, you can type values in the ribbon. You can type increments in the Step Angle box if you want to dynamically view the results of the rotation. For example, if the box is set to 30.0, the rotation is displayed in 30 degree increments. The default setting is 0 degrees so that the rotation is fully dynamic.

The Rotation Angle box on the ribbon displays the angle of change between the old and new positions with a positive value. The Position Angle box displays an absolute angle of the new position of the rotation. You can type values in both of these boxes and preview the results. You then click to complete the rotation of the element.

By default, a copy is made of the element when you rotate it. If you do not want a copy, you should clear Copy on the ribbon.

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