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You can arrange elements so that they can be more easily manipulated on a drawing sheet. Several features for arranging elements are provided in the software.

The Group command on the Change toolbar allows you to group elements that reside in the same document and drawing sheet together. The elements can then be modified as a unit. You can ungroup elements by clicking Ungroup on the Change toolbar.

You can also use Layers on the Main toolbar to arrange elements. Each time you draw an element it is assigned to the active layer. You can use Layers to see which layer is active or to change the active layer.

The Display Manager on the Tools menu allows you to control the way elements appear on sheets or layers by changing settings such as, line type or color.

Elements that overlap are displayed in the order they are drawn. A newly created element is placed in front of all other elements because it has the highest display priority. An element's display priority can easily be changed. You can pull an element up one position, push it down one position, send it to the back, or bring it to the front by selecting the appropriate command on the Change toolbar.

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