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Workshop Receiving provides the ability of saving, monitoring and changing storage locations of items. The storage location of items can be given during the receiving items.

Depending on the system configuration, all or some of these functionality might not be available.


Open the Storage Locations page by clicking .

The list shows the items in stock. Use search tool to search certain material or to see the contents of a certain storage location.

The drop down box on the upper left side can be used for selecting which items are shown:

  • Materials

  • Parts

  • Packages

  • Assemblies

The default selection of the drop down box depends on which workplace the Storage Locations page is opened. For example, when opening the page from a receiving workplace, Materials is selected by default.

Change the storage location

  1. Select the desired rows. Select multiple items by pressing CTRL.

  2. Click Update Location.

  3. Fill in the new location and count to be moved.

  4. Click Update Location.

If the updated row contains more items than the given count, the row is split into two and the rest of the items will stay in the old location.