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Intergraph Smart Production Workshop Receiving

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The basic work flow of the receiving workshop goes from searching and selecting the required purchase order, giving the needed values for items to be received, and then receiving the selected items.

Start by selecting the workplace that you want to monitor on the main page.

Open a workplace

  1. Move the cursor over the work group name.

  2. Click the workplace that you want to open.

    The workplace page is opened. By default the Material Receiving page opens.

Search a desired purchase order

  1. Fill in the criteria fields, for example give the purchase order number, and click Search.

    The purchase order is filtered to the purchase order list if available.

    If only one purchase order matches the given search criteria, the purchase order is selected automatically.

Select a purchase order item

When the purchase order is selected, available purchase order items are shown in Purchase Order Items list on the right side of the page.


  1. When the raw materials are received, select the material items, give missing values if needed.

  2. Click Receive Selected or Receive All.

    The raw materials are received and can be seen in the History page.